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Individual Christian Counseling at Celebrate Hope


Effective addiction treatment plans incorporate group therapeutic settings along with individual counseling opportunities. Through group therapy, clients learn to share their struggles, gain strength from others, and develop sober friendships. At Celebrate Hope, we also provide clients with individual Christian counseling.

These private pastoral counseling sessions give participants in-depth insight into personal struggles and their motivation to become sober. Individual therapy is also an opportunity to disclose details and emotions that are too private for a group setting.

Christian Rehab: The Benefits of One-on-One Pastoral Counseling

Private addiction counseling is a key part of the Celebrate Hope program. Our pastoral team meets individually with clients throughout their stay, and helps them:


The importance of individual counseling cannot be overstated. When combined with the guidance of faith-based pastoral counseling, the impact of these sessions is truly transformative. By taking the time to unpack your addiction and personal history, you gain a deeper understanding of the root causes of your disease. Our pastoral team will work with you to apply biblical teachings to your life's challenges, providing a renewed, Christ-centered perspective to your treatment. This equips you for success in sobriety, since you are building your house upon the rock – not upon the sand.

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Christian Addiction Treatment: The Role of Spirituality

The Christian counselors at Celebrate Hope share the desire to bring healing and restoration to clients during the darkest times in their lives. While addiction is a physical and psychological condition, we believe it is also a spiritual condition. Because of this, it is important to embrace God-given truths to be free of addiction. Using practical Biblical teaching and individualized therapy plans, our pastoral team helps clients integrate their faith into the recovery process and equips them for long-term rehabilitation.

More About Our Christian Counseling Program

Whether you have recently professed your faith or are a longtime believer, it can be difficult to integrate practical Biblical truths into the daily pursuit of sobriety. Our experienced pastoral care team can help you break the bonds of addiction and begin a life of freedom in Christ. To learn more about our individual Christian counseling programs or to speak with a member of our admissions department, call (866) 751-2028 or contact us online today. Your information is confidential, and help begins with the first phone call.

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