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Addiction recovery takes focus and commitment, but when co-existing conditions complicate the rehab process, it can quickly frustrate clients and make them feel defeated. Often, addiction is coupled with mental illness to create a vicious cycle called dual diagnosis. It’s vital to ensure that treatment addresses both of these concerns at the same time. At Celebrate Hope’s Christian addiction treatment center, we provide medical and therapeutic support for clients dealing with a dual diagnosis, and we treat both conditions alongside one another.


After conducting a series of tests at admission to determine whether mental illness is present, we create a customized dual-diagnosis treatment plan to address individual health challenges. Our addiction treatment team specializes in dual diagnosis rehab, whether the co-occurring condition was present before addiction or developed as a result of substance abuse.

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What is Dual Diagnosis?

Dual diagnosis refers to a set of co-occurring disorders: two or more mental health diagnoses that affect someone simultaneously. Often, this manifests as a combination of a substance use disorder with a behavioral disorder or mood disorder. These issues don’t necessarily develop in a particular order. Some people turn to drugs and alcohol to soothe the symptoms of anxiety or depression, not realizing that these substances actually worsen their conditions. Others begin to show key signs of mental illness after a prolonged period of substance use.

In order to successfully overcome addiction and the mental illness, it’s necessary for treatment to be approached comprehensively – just as Christ sought to heal the whole person. The Celebrate Hope team uses a holistic, Christian approach rooted in Biblical principles to address every aspect of your loved one’s afflictions.

Common Dual Diagnoses

Dual diagnoses, or co-occurring disorders, are common in patients dealing with drug, alcohol, gambling, and sex addiction. Conditions may include:


Dual diagnoses are intertwined: as one worsens, so does the other. Stress, frustration, and withdrawal can aggravate this process. To bring healing, we work with clients to manage stress in productive ways using therapy sessions, nutritional guidance, daily exercise, medication management, recreational therapy, and family support.


Celebrate Hope is uniquely qualified to treat dual-diagnosis patients. If medication is required for a mental health condition, we take every precaution to ensure that it is safely administered within the context of our Christian addiction treatment program. We also call upon the expertise of outside physicians and practitioners when specialized care is required—so you or your loved one receives the best possible care at all times.

California Dual-Diagnosis Addiction Rehab

Many addicted individuals with a dual diagnosis feel helpless to control their situation. If you or someone you love is spiraling out of control and needs help managing substance abuse and mental health, call our intake specialists today. Our Admission Department acts as your insurance advocate and assists with benefits approval and payment options, and our Christian rehab specialists provide residential and outpatient care programs for California and out-of-state residents. Experience emotional and physical healing by the sea. Change begins today when you dial (866) 751-2028. 


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