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Celebrate Hope: About Our Christian Addiction Treatment


Located in Orange County, California, Celebrate Hope Christian addiction treatment center provides compassionate, faith-based rehab for clients battling alcohol and substance addiction. What can you expect when you enroll in our Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers? In addition to receiving comprehensive counseling and life skills training, you’ll begin to see yourself—and your addiction—through the eyes of Christ.


Why Choose Faith-Based Rehab for Your Recovery Journey?

At Celebrate Hope, we go beyond traditional therapy techniques and address the spiritual needs of our clients.


Christian Treatment CentersConsider the following benefits of a quality faith-based rehab center:



Many facilities can help you overcome the physical symptoms of drug addiction, but Christian rehab centers help heal your spirit and teach you to walk closer with Jesus as you achieve freedom from alcohol and drugs. Struggling to reclaim your life? Call Celebrate Hope today.

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Our Christian counselors walk with clients in their journey of recovery and reconnection to God.


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