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Making the Decision: Christian Addiction Treatment


While the bondage of substance abuse is devastating, people struggling with addiction may not be able to admit their need for help. If your drug or alcohol problem is affecting your marriage, parenting, employment, friendships, finances, and spirituality, it’s time to call Celebrate Hope’s Christian addiction treatment center. Based in Orange County, CA, our faith-based rehab program has helped countless clients beat addiction and restore joy to their lives.


When it comes to drug treatment, faith-based rehab facilities are not there to provide a “quick fix.” Permanent healing from substance abuse is an ongoing process that requires accountability, strength, and hope that only faith in Christ can provide. Clients enrolled in our Christian addiction treatment program learn how to tap into God’s love and power to overcome addiction. 


What makes faith-based rehab programs like Celebrate Hope so successful is their holistic approach to healing: physical, emotional, and spiritual. By integrating the latest medical science and therapy techniques with scriptural teaching to defeat drug abuse, Christian rehabs help clients achieve lasting change.

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Is it Time for Christian Rehab?

It’s important to remember that addiction is more than a physical need for drugs and alcohol. For most addicts, substances are an escape from bad relationships, life problems, or employment troubles. You may even drink because you feel disconnected from God. No matter what the reason for your chemical dependence, finding a reputable Christian drug and alcohol rehab program can help turn your life around. 


Signs of Addiction: Quiz

Wondering if you’re an addict? Ask yourself the following questions:


  1. Is my home life unhappy because of my drinking or drug use? Are my spouse and children affected?
  2. Do I get abusive or angry when I’m using?
  3. Do I regularly have trouble sleeping?
  4. Am I constantly late for work because I’ve been drinking or doing drugs?
  5. Do I get frequent headaches, hangovers and nausea?
  6. Do I drink alone when I’m depressed or anxious?
  7. Is it impossible for me to be social without alcohol or drug use?


Start Faith-Based Rehab Today


If you’ve found yourself answering ‘yes,’ it’s time to seek Christian addiction treatment to overcome the damaging physical, emotional and spiritual symptoms of addiction. At Celebrate Hope, our team of Christian professionals can help you uncover the reasons for your alcohol and drug dependence and provide you with the tools you need to reconnect with God — and His exciting plan for your life.


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