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Faith Based Education at Celebrate Hope


Faith-based education is a critical part of our Christian addiction treatment program and helps recovering addicts surrender themselves and their addiction to a Higher Power so they can experience true freedom and peace.


Whether you attend a one-, two- or three-month residential sobriety program at our Christian addiction treatment centers, our goal is to journey with you on the path to lifelong sobriety. As you overcome the physical and emotional bondage of substance abuse, you will participate in faith-based therapy and activities designed to identify core addiction issues. Then, our addiction specialists and pastoral team will develop a customized treatment plan to help you deal with these concerns and teach you to incorporate Biblical truths into your daily life.

Christian Addiction Treatment Workshops

To complement individualized addiction treatment plans, Celebrate Hope provides a variety of faith-based workshops, including:

· Life Skills Training. It’s easy to fall back into old habits after finishing rehab. Life skills learning opportunities help clients remain addiction-free, abandon unhealthy patterns, and become more like Jesus in their daily thoughts and behaviors.

· Boundaries Workshop. This intensive workshop addresses situations that put chemically dependent individuals at risk of relapse and teaches them how to use self-control, set healthy boundaries, and distinguish God’s will from their own.

· Life’s Healing Choices Workshop. During this learning series, attendees learn to break free from hurts, hang-ups, and habits by making healing choices designed to foster Christ-like character.

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Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab: Aftercare

Clients should feel safe during Christian addiction treatment. Living in a homelike environment with daily support measures in place, they build confidence while achieving sobriety. But what happens after treatment? At Celebrate Hope, we prepare clients for life after rehab by providing life skills development, in-depth Bible study, and customized aftercare plans.

To learn more about our Christ-centered addiction programming, call (800) 708-3173 or submit a private, confidential online inquiry. Our team will be in touch promptly.

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