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Choosing Christian Rehab for Your Loved One


Christian rehab for loved onesA wise man wrote in Ecclesiastes 4:9, “Two is better than one.” If your close friend or family member has become addicted to drugs or alcohol, he or she may need your help—in realizing his or her brokenness and choosing a reputable Christian addiction treatment facility.


Why opt for Christian rehab for your loved one? At facilities like Celebrate Hope, we don’t just address addiction, we work to heal old wounds, repair relationships, and restore new life in Christ. Addiction is not just about a physical attachment to drugs or alcohol; it can be traced back to feelings of abandonment, loneliness, anger, despair and a need to escape. When clients enroll in our 30-, 60- or 90-day faith-based rehab programs, we’ll help them (1) uncover the underlying reasons for their addiction, (2) embrace the Christian community we offer, and (3) teach them to trade old, worldly habits for new, Christ-like ones.


Studies suggest that those who choose Christian drug and alcohol rehab centers are more likely to remain sober longer. That’s because faith-based rehab focuses not only on treating the symptoms of chemical dependency, but transforming the whole person—mind, body, and spirit. Christian addiction treatment programs cut to the core of substance abuse with in-depth individual and group counseling. Applying biblical principles to drug treatment, we encourage clients to seek God for guidance and surrender to His will to achieve lasting sobriety.


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Christian Addiction Treatment Options

At Celebrate Hope, we provide the following:



Does Your Loved One Need a Christian Intervention?

If your friend or family member is not ready to admit that he or she needs help, our Christian counselors can assist you in planning a Christian intervention. We’ll help you communicate your concerns in a loving, safe environment, and educate your loved one about Christian rehab techniques and advantages. It’s our hope that after the intervention, your family member will make the choice to enter our program that day—or soon after. Contact us today to inquire about intervention procedures, or learn more about our admission process and program features.


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