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Finding a California Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab


Before you trust your recovery to a California Christian drug and alcohol rehab, it’s important to educate yourself about the rehabilitation process. While evaluating residential treatment programs, remember to ask facility staff members the following important questions.


  1. Do you encourage tours of the facility? Reputable rehabs should always be willing to provide guided visits for potential clients and family members. Spending time at the facility will help you decide if you’re comfortable with the staff, accommodations and overall environment.
  2. Does the center address underlying mental health problems in addition to addiction treatment?Many addicts have undiagnosed emotional and mental health concerns. A quality California Christian drug and alcohol rehab should have a team of experts who address both addiction recovery and complicating health issues.
  3. Is the facility connected with a reputable, Christian church? Celebrate Hope treatment center is aligned with Saddleback Church in Lake Forest, CA. Our clients worship there, and attend recovery and boundaries seminars led by Saddleback pastors and staff.
  4. Does your facility offer relapse-prevention care? For many clients, fear of returning to their old life weighs heavily on them. At Celebrate Hope, we provide clients with the tools they need to resist a relapse and set the boundaries needed for a healthy, substance-free life. 
  5. What makes your facility different from others? California Christian drug and alcohol rehab programs like Celebrate Hope are successful because they help you put Biblical principles to work in your battle against substance abuse. 


When choosing from one of California’s Christian inpatient drug rehab centers, select a faith based rehab program that instills lifelong discipline in defeating alcoholism. Celebrate Hope counselors equip clients with life skills to emerge victorious in the addiction battle. Using scriptural principles in drug treatment, faith based programs teach reliance on God when facing alcohol temptation. To help addicts overcome the devastating effects of drug abuse, Christian rehab steers clients to God’s healing power. In addition, Christian drug treatment programs encourage clients to develop Christ-like characteristics, strengthen their resolve, and achieve lifelong freedom from the stranglehold of dependency.


If you’re an alcohol or drug addict struggling to reclaim your life, don’t trust your rehabilitation to the cheapest or closest clinic. At Celebrate Hope, our team of Christian professionals are ready to help you overcome your bondage to drugs and alcohol—and return to the abundant life God has planned for you. Contact us today to find out more.


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