Healing Addiction and Mental Illness Through Christ
Celebrate Hope is a Christian treatment program in Orange County, California
An Established, Effective Addiction Treatment Program

15 Years of Successful Christ-Centered Care

Your Home for

Enjoy a private recovery retreat in a beautiful, restorative setting. With numerous churches and Celebrate Recovery meetings in close proximity, our Orange County treatment center is the perfect place for those of the Christian faith to rest and recover.

Substance Abuse

Addiction can happen to anyone, even devout followers of Christ. We understand what you’re going through. If your family has been affected by substance use disorder, we invite you to heal in an environment of love, support, and faith.

Behavioral Health

Behavioral health is more than your mental well-being. At Celebrate Hope, we provide clinically effective interventions and  help you build independence through healthy habits, emotional resilience and the mastery of vital life skills.

Christian Features

Our treatment philosophy is rooted in Christian principles and practices. The healing power of faith gives our residents the tools they need to withstand cravings, resist relapse, and get back to God.

A Christian Track Made My Healing Possible

I want to thank the entire staff for the care, treatment, and respect they demonstrated to me during my stay. The balanced approach of digging deep and processing my root issues… and working through them in a solid Christian, faith-based track made my healing possible.


Getting Closer to Jesus

I got the help I needed from my time spent in this place. I did 90 days and they really helped me with my tactics to sobriety and getting closer to Jesus on the Christian track. I love it there and would go back if need be.


Our expertly trained admissions team is full of compassionate, kind individuals who will answer all your questions, arrange transportation and logistics, and handle the complex process of insurance verification on your behalf—so you can focus on healing.
Start Healing Today

“Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

Romans 12:2