In-Network Options

At Celebrate Hope, we follow Christ’s directive to love our neighbor as ourselves. For us, this manifests in a mission to make accredited addiction treatment accessible and affordable to all. We accomplish this by accepting most major insurance plans.

In-Network Addiction Treatment

Celebrate Hope has partnered with insurance providers in California and beyond. Together, we offer in-network rehab services for substance use disorder and co-occurring conditions. Because our program accepts such a wide array of insurances, many of our clients come from out of state. No matter where you live, Christian rehab is within reach.

We accept in-network and out-of-network providers, including:

Insurance Advocacy

The insurance billing process is complicated, and early recovery requires your full attention. When you are ready to pursue sobriety, Celebrate Hope acts as your advocate: helping you secure insurance authorization and arrange for treatment financing.

Allow our billing and intake specialists to streamline the admissions and payment processes by working with referring clinicians, contacting insurance providers, submitting required information, and navigating the maze of payment requirements.

If your insurance provider denies coverage for substance abuse treatment, Celebrate Hope can help. Your providers know what is best for you, and our team will submit appeals and help you fight to receive appropriate coverage.

Our insurance advocacy services include:


We understand that not everyone has comprehensive insurance coverage. If this is your situation, we encourage you to contact our admissions team for information about self-pay rates and payment plans.

Making Recovery Accessible and Affordable

Research from leading government organizations has found that only a small percentage of people who require addiction treatment receive it—a mere 10% of those in need are connected with qualified resources. We want to change this.

Why? In the Gospel of John, Christ commands us to love each other as He has loved us. Our efforts to heal and lift up our neighbors flow directly from this verse. By accepting insurance and offering fair self-pay rates, Celebrate Hope helps people access the recovery services they so desperately need.

If your family could benefit from Christ-centered care, contact Celebrate Hope today. Our admissions specialists will work with your insurance provider and advocate for you, helping you receive the treatment you need at a reasonable cost. To learn more about our Christian rehab, the insurances we accept, and our policies, contact us today.

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