Dual Diagnosis

Addiction rarely occurs on its own. Often, it is found alongside co-occurring mental health conditions like depression, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder. This phenomenon is called a dual diagnosis, and it can create a vicious cycle of emotional distress and relapse.

As an accredited dual diagnosis treatment center, we have found that the best way to resolve issues with substance use disorder and co-occurring conditions is to simultaneously address both chemical and mental issues.

Examples of Dual Diagnosis

Co-occurring disorders are common among clients dealing with substance use disorders. Conditions may include:

Do You Need a Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center?

Some people use drugs or alcohol to alleviate the symptoms of existing mental health conditions. Others start to experience issues like anxiety and hallucinations after a prolonged period of heavy substance abuse.

Regardless of how they began, the two conditions are always intertwined; when one worsens, so does the other. Stress, frustration, and withdrawal can aggravate the symptoms of one’s mental illness and catalyze a relapse. To overcome this, we equip clients with the tools they need. Our expert clinicians provide individual and group therapies, Christ-centered education, faith-based coping skills, Christian counseling sessions, nutritional support, recreational therapy, and medication management.

Whether you have been diagnosed with a mental health condition before or have never received an evaluation, we will provide you with the answers you need. Each person who walks through the doors of our dual diagnosis treatment center undergoes a thorough assessment to unearth the presence of depression, anxiety, and any other co-occurring disorders. Once our treatment team understands your unique needs, we will create a fully customized dual diagnosis treatment plan tailored to you. Our addiction treatment team specializes in dual diagnosis rehab, whether the co-occurring condition was present before addiction or developed as a result of substance abuse.

Heal at Our Christian Dual Diagnosis Treatment Center

To successfully overcome addiction and mental illness, treatment must be approached comprehensively—just as Christ sought to heal the whole person. The Celebrate Hope team uses a holistic, Christian approach rooted in Biblical principles to address every aspect of your afflictions (or those of someone you love).

Many people with a dual diagnosis feel helpless to control their situation. Celebrate Hope serves as a haven for those seeking Christ-centered recovery. We provide the guidance and evidence-based treatment needed to find relief from addiction, anxiety, depression, and trauma. Contact us to experience emotional, physical, and spiritual healing by the sea.

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