From our central location in Orange County, California, Celebrate Hope provides compassionate, Christian-based rehab services for those battling alcoholism and drug addiction. Below are a few special features of our program that make us stand out.

Christian-Based Rehab Features

At Celebrate Hope, we go beyond the traditional therapeutic techniques offered by other recovery centers. Instead, we empower clients with a holistic combination of physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual interventions. Every practice utilized at our center stems from the Word of God. Why? We believe that by focusing on your relationship with Christ, our staff of addiction specialists can help you to lay the foundation for lasting recovery. Unique features of our program include:

Members of our Christian-based rehab enjoy myriad benefits. Faith-based counseling helps you get to the root of addiction, mental illness, and relationship problems, while educational workshops and life skills trainings teach you everything you need to know about substance use disorder and a life of sobriety. Regular access to Celebrate Recovery meetings rounds out this list—by participating in a Christ-focused 12-Step group, you will find fellowship and support throughout your stay in treatment. It is our hope that these facets of our Christian rehab will help you find salvation, inner peace, and lifelong recovery.

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