We understand that the process of seeking and starting treatment can be complex, especially if you’ve never been in this situation before. That’s why our Christian rehab is home to Orange County’s most compassionate admissions team, fully staffed with experienced administrators saved by grace. Whether you’re ready to come to Celebrate Hope or would like more information for a loved one, we’re here to walk with you every step of the way.

Christian Drug and Alcohol Rehab Admission Process

Step One: Contact Our Admissions Team

You can begin the treatment process by calling Celebrate Hope, confidentially and toll-free, at (866) 977-6516. We also have an online contact form available for your convenience. All communication is protected by the fullest extent of the law—your inquiry is completely private.

Step Two: Receive Answers to All Your Questions

You’ll speak with one of our compassionate, highly trained admissions counselors. They will guide you through every aspect of the intake process—everything from what your insurance covers to what is included in the program. They’ll also answer any questions you may have, including what to bring (pack for a two- to three-week stay) and what our visitation policies look like.

Step Three: Verify Insurance Coverage

Financial arrangements will be made, reserving a place at our Christian rehab. If you have health insurance, our counselors will advocate on your behalf, calling your provider and maximizing your benefits.

Step Four: Arrange Travel and Arrive

It may be necessary to perform an intervention to motivate your loved one to come to treatment. Celebrate Hope can facilitate this process; simply alert your admissions counselor to this need.

The counselor will also help you to coordinate all travel arrangements, including flights and transportation to and from the airport. New clients are greeted at our nearby airports in Orange County (John Wayne Airport SNA) or Los Angeles International (LAX).

Change Starts When You Contact Our Admissions Team

Making the decision to seek treatment is never easy, but it that single choice can be truly transformational. At Celebrate Hope, we strive to make the admissions process simple, understandable, and stress-free. We welcome you and hope that you will find recovery at our Christian rehab.

Contact Our Accredited Christian Rehab Center

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