Christian Drug Detox at Celebrate Hope

Detoxification is typically the first step in residential Christian addiction treatment. While this process may take some time, we offer therapeutic medications and proven detox techniques that ease withdrawal symptoms and make clients as comfortable as possible.

Detoxification at Our Christian Addiction Treatment Center

While ridding the body of chemicals is the first step in detox, the larger goal of detoxification is to create a clean, fresh start: physically, emotionally, and spiritually. When detox is handled by our team of medical and therapy professionals, clients are better prepared to retain sobriety information and to pursue healing with clarity and hope.
Detoxification looks different for everyone; your age, overall health, drug history, and substance abuse duration will impact your Christian detox program. Tailoring the withdrawal process to your unique needs, our credentialed addiction specialists supervise and support you throughout this stage of early recovery. Your comfort is a priority for us, so we utilize medication, therapy, recreation, nutrition, and exercise to curb physical symptoms and allow you to focus on other areas of healing.

Managing Cravings During Rehab

The pursuit of sobriety is challenging for many reasons. Even the most committed clients battle day-to-day physical and psychological drug cravings. Through medical intervention, holistic approaches, prayer, Bible study, nutritional guidance, daily exercise, and stress management techniques, the Celebrate Hope team helps clients develop healthy, new responses to stress so they don’t have to resort to substance abuse. With our help, you will come through detox with a positive view of your future and a new faith-based lease on life.
Many addicts are fearful of clinical detox, and may even attempt to withdraw from drugs and alcohol at home. The truth is that detox is a physically and emotionally demanding process that is most successfully completed under the oversight of medical professionals. Our Christian addiction treatment detox program helps clients safely detox from prescription medication, street drugs, and other addictive substances, including:

Christian Detoxing: Renewing Your Relationship with God

Detox should not be feared. Instead, the Celebrate Hope team encourages clients to look at drug and alcohol withdrawal as the beginning of restoration, clear thinking, and a renewed relationship with their Creator. Helping you succeed in short-term and long-term recovery, our addiction specialists make detox as painless as possible by managing cravings, reducing stress, and easing anxiety. When detox is facilitated well, it is more likely that you can begin active rehabilitation within a short period of time.
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