Where Does Faith Come From? | Faith in the Bible

Monday, February 28, 2022
where does faith come from

Faith can take many forms – belief in yourself, fidelity to your spouse, loyalty to your employer – but for Christians, faith means developing a relationship with God, surrounding yourself with His grace and believing in the promise of salvation. 

According to Romans 12:3, God gives varying measures of faith to people. Having heard and accepted God’s Word, it then becomes our responsibility to strengthen our beliefs through prayer, worship services and Bible study. We must rely on this God-given faith to sustain and uplift us through life’s challenges.  

The Role of Faith in Your Recovery 

Addiction represents a low point in anyone’s life, but the good news is that mercy is always possible through God’s grace. With that mindset, you can discover a renewed sense of purpose that guides you through your journey to wellness. 

In 12-step recovery, you will learn to let a higher power guide your path. At each step of the way, you will find that faith, love and personal responsibility are the opposite of the guilt, shame and secrecy that characterize substance use disorders. Your work continues after you finish going through all 12 steps, because it then becomes your responsibility to pay it forward by telling others about how the program has helped you.  

While you may meet people from many walks of life in addiction recovery, the 12 steps are uniquely meaningful to Christians because the founders of Alcoholics Anonymous were devout in their faith. They grounded the 12 steps in their unshakeable belief that only God can forgive our flaws and grant us the power to change our lives for the better. By maintaining your relationship with God through prayer, you will find a vast inner reserve of faith you can pull from when you find your resolve wavering.

Our Faith-Based Recovery Program

If you have developed a problematic relationship with drugs or alcohol, you may feel like God is far away from you. At Celebrate Hope, we believe this is the time when you need faith the most. Incorporating Christian practices into your continuum of care, from detox through to residential and post-rehab aftercare, can be integral to improving your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.  

No matter when or how you find your faith, God is willing to forgive you. That’s the message awaiting you at Celebrate Hope, Southern California’s leading faith-based drug and alcohol rehab program. Throughout the years, our staff of addiction clinicians and Christian counselors has provided cutting-edge treatment that has helped many clients begin working on their long-term sobriety while strengthening their relationship with God.

We offer individual and group therapy sessions, private one-on-one Christian counseling, Christian fellowship and recreation, Bible study, worship services, life skills training and family support. While many drug and alcohol treatment centers neglect the spiritual side of recovery, Celebrate Hope provides daily opportunities for our clients to renew their faith in Christ. To learn more about our Christian-focused programming, reach out to a faith-based recovery specialist today by filling out our convenient online form or calling (866) 677-1872.

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