Signs and Symptoms

Recognizing That Your Loved One Has a Drug or Alcohol Problem

Addiction is a disease that completely takes over its victims—their careers, relationships, and personalities change as drugs and alcohol become more and more important. No one is immune to the devastating effects of substance use. Not even the upright Christian family men and women who participate actively in the church and lead otherwise faithful lives.

Seeing your loved one change before your eyes can be a nerve-wracking experience. However, we encourage you to take comfort in the message of hope given to us by the resurrection of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Through his sacrifice, those suffering from addiction can be made whole again.

Signs of Addiction Among Christians

To determine whether someone you love is a candidate for our Christian rehab program, we’ve provided some signs and symptoms of addictive behavior below. Please read them and contact Celebrate Hope if you notice any of these in your loved one.

Personality Changes
Even good Christian men and women lose control of their emotions and reactions while under the influence of drugs and alcohol. They act erratically and experience a wide array of mood swings—they’re euphoric one minute, screaming the next. Their tolerance for everyday stressful situations plummets, and they overreact to minor obstacles. Crucial virtues like patience and kindness may disappear entirely. Because it’s likely that drugs and alcohol are their coping mechanisms of choice, they have lost the ability to handle normal life.
Risky, Sinful Behavior

Substance abuse lowers a person’s inhibition and makes it difficult to think about one’s values before acting. Someone under the influence of drugs or alcohol leaves their faith by the wayside as they engage in dangerous or harmful behaviors. Sexual promiscuity, manipulative behavior, and driving under the influence are common occurrences. If your loved one has begun to put themselves in dangerous situations or has committed adultery, a substance use disorder may be to blame.

Theft and Lies

Christians have a unique code of conduct that holds us to a higher standard. We aspire to live as Christ lived, selflessly and turning away from any sins or temptations. Unfortunately, addiction can turn even the most devout Christian into a person you don’t recognize.

As the cost of their substance use increases astronomically, it’s not uncommon for those addicted to drugs and alcohol to begin stealing to pay for their habit. They will also lie to maintain secrecy and continue abusing drugs without interference. If valuables go missing or you see unusual ATM withdrawals on joint accounts, be mindful that this could be a clear sign of addiction.

Career Consequences

Addiction doesn’t discriminate; it can happen to anyone in any demographic or income level. No matter how successful someone is, they are vulnerable to substance use disorders. A known side effect of addiction is an inability to maintain employment. This begins in small steps: those who were known as extremely reliable employees or bosses may drop the ball or miss a meeting at work. Over time, their performance suffers more, and major issues could develop at their places of business. Those suffering from addiction are also commonly absent, intoxicated on the job, or distracted at work.

Distance from God and Reduced Church Attendance

In addition to the other symptoms listed here, there are also spiritual signs that someone you love has fallen victim to drugs and alcohol. Because shame and guilt are so integral to the experience of addiction, your loved one may remove themselves from the church community and isolate themselves. Fearing judgment from their family and friends, they hide and avoid attending church or fellowship activities. They may drop previously important activities, like Bible studies or leadership roles within the church. If you see your Christian spouse, child, or friend distancing themselves from the Lord, consider whether they could be struggling with substance use.

Seek Christian Drug & Alcohol Rehab

If any of the above signs are familiar to you, we encourage you to call Celebrate Hope today. Our faith-based addiction treatment program is designed to address any type of substance use, at any degree of severity. We believe that Christ wipes our sins away, and that by beginning a treatment plan and starting over, your loved one, too, will be redeemed.

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