Our Location

Celebrate Hope is a Christian rehab center nestled in the heart of Southern California. From our beautiful San Juan Capistrano location, we help men and women to find lasting recovery through the teachings of Jesus Christ.

Addiction Treatment in Orange County

Our Christian rehab provides faith-based, compassionate care to those struggling with drug addiction and alcohol use disorder. We understand that substance abuse affects every facet of your life—which means that the process of recovery is a transformation that takes time. Residential programming takes you out of your current environment of stressors and temptation and puts you in a safe place.

While you’re in our care, you’ll find space to focus solely on your physical, emotional, social, and spiritual healing. We address every root cause and hidden trauma that contributes to addiction. Combining this intensive therapy with the Gospel of Jesus Christ empowers you to make a lasting change rooted in His love and grace.

A Haven for Those Seeking Recovery Through Christ

We believe that every person should recover in an environment that inspires closeness with Christ. That’s why we’ve designed a campus free of distractions, complete with sweeping views and luxe accommodations. Because of its central location, Celebrate Hope’s campus is in close proximity to nineteen different churches and three Celebrate Recovery groups.

If you participate in our faith-based addiction treatment program, you will be able to focus on your newfound sobriety and your relationship with Christ. The result is a truly transformative experience that you’ll remember forever.

Christian Rehab Is Within Reach

If you find yourself searching the internet for “Christian rehab near me,” this is your sign to take the next step. Celebrate Hope is Orange County’s premier faith-based, accredited addiction treatment center. Whether you’re battling substance use disorder or love someone who is, we encourage you to reach out.
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