Christian Books on Overcoming Drug Addiction

Friday, May 28, 2021
Christian books on addiction

When you are struggling with an addiction to drugs, you have
a lot of resources available to you. Addiction treatment is the first place to
start your journey toward recovery. You may also want some reading material
that will inspire and guide you. There are a number of Christian books on
overcoming drug addiction offering guidance, motivation, and hope.

Freedom from Addiction

Feeling like you’re locked in a cycle of addiction? Learn how
to free yourself in Freedom
from Addiction
, Breaking the Bondage of Addiction
and Finding Freedom in Christ
by Neil T. Anderson, Julia
Quarles, and Mike Quarles. You’ll read the story of how Mike Quarles overcame
his debilitating addiction to alcohol. You’ll also be inspired by the message
that true freedom comes from realizing your identity in Christ, a message that
is the central theme of this book.

God is for You

Another inspiring true-life story comes from Jerry Dunn in
his book God
is for the Alcoholic
. Dunn knows first-hand that there is hope. In a Texas
prison, he picked up a Bible and realized that God was providing his escape
from his addiction to alcohol. He knew the road to overcome his addiction would
be long and difficult, but he also knew that he could do it with God’s help and
with diligence, patience, and commitment.

Healing Your Scars

Drug addiction can devastate your life now and make it
difficult for you to see a positive way forward. Healing
the Scars of Addiction
by Gregory L. Jantz, with contributions by Ann
McMurray, addresses the wreckage of addiction that lies scattered around you. If
you are struggling with overcoming drug addiction, attempting to live in
recovery from your addiction, or seeking to understand the mind of someone you
love who is addicted, this book can help.

Jantz will guide you through answering some tough questions:
Am I an addict? How can I put my life back together? Where do I go from here? This
book gives you a holistic approach to healing so you can reclaim your life and
move forward in hope.

Break the Entanglement

When you are struggling to break free from your addiction, Entangled
by Addiction: Set Free in Christ
by Caitanya Champion can show you how
to find and achieve freedom in Christ. You can move from your pain,
hopelessness, brokenness, and misery toward healing, peacefulness, deliverance,
and being set free. You can know freedom from addiction through the power of

What You Worship

Another book that can inspire you toward a new path is Addictions:
A Banquet in the Grave
by Edward T. Welch. The author writes about how
the hopelessness of the cycle of “sickness, recovery, relapse” can be replaced
with the Biblical view of sin, salvation, and sanctification. Welch guides you
through facing the fact that what and who you worship will control your life. True
freedom when overcoming drug addiction comes through the cross.

Learning to Breathe

In addiction treatment, the 12-Step program can be critical
to your success as you recover from addiction. Richard Rohr’s book Breathing
Under Water: Spirituality and the Twelve Steps
makes the case that the
12-Step program can rescue you when you are drowning in your addiction, even
when you don’t realize it. Rohr emphasizes that you must learn to breathe under
water, to survive the tidal wave of your addiction and compulsive behavior.

In his book, he identifies the Christian principles contained
in the steps, connecting the Big
Book of Alcoholics Anonymous
with the gospel. He offers encouragement
and inspiration for making your life manageable as you deal with overcoming your

Overcoming Obstacles

In a first-hand account, author Anthony Acampora describes
the incredible impact that God’s word can have on your broken life. In Overcoming
Emotional Obstacles through Faith: Navigating the Mind Field
, Acampora tells
his own story of how he overcame tremendous suffering and loss through Christ. He
shares his experience applying his faith and the principles of the Bible in overcoming
seemingly insurmountable adversity. His book offers real-life examples of how
you can apply God’s word to radically transform your life as you overcome your

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