Depression and Alcohol

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Though depression affects millions of people worldwide, many misconceptions remain about what it is and how to overcome it. Depression is a severe illness that can impact your quality of life, including your relationships and responsibilities. Self-medicating with alcohol can magnify your depression symptoms, leaving you feeling increasingly worse. What is the relationship between alcohol and depression, and are effective treatments available?

Understanding a Dual Diagnosis

When depression and substance use disorders coincide, health professionals call it a dual diagnosis. The two conditions evolve together, becoming so interconnected that it’s nearly impossible to tell which came first.

Since substance use changes the brain’s reward pathways, people who rely on alcohol to temporarily escape the pain of depression may eventually find it challenging to derive enjoyment from any other source. You might experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms when you try to cut back or quit, and the resulting mood swings can further worsen your depression.

When you are living with depression and an alcohol use disorder concurrently, it’s crucial to understand how these two illnesses feed off each other, harming your health in the process. Many Christians have found renewed hope in a faith-based program designed to help them stop drinking while learning healthier ways to cope with depression.

What Does Dual-Diagnosis Treatment Entail?

Successfully recovering from a dual diagnosis requires treating both conditions simultaneously. If you are ready to start fresh and reclaim your life from co-occurring depression and addiction, you can begin your residential rehabilitation program with medically managed detox. In this initial phase, trained professionals will monitor your condition and help ease any discomfort you may feel as your body and mind become free of alcohol’s toxic effects.

Once you are medically stable, you’ll be ready to move into primary treatment. During this period, you will live in a homelike environment while you benefit from approaches like 12-step group meetings, Christian addiction counseling, individual therapy, faith-based lessons and relapse prevention education.

The overall goal of Christian residential rehab is to identify and address the root cause of your alcohol misuse and learn constructive ways to overcome depression. Then, our addiction specialists and pastoral team will customize your treatment plan to help you overcome a dual diagnosis by incorporating Biblical truths into your daily life.

Why Choose Faith-Based Addiction Treatment?

At Celebrate Hope, you can strengthen your spirituality while learning how to manage a dual diagnosis of depression and alcohol use disorder. Our programming teaches clients to stay substance-free, break unhealthy patterns and emulate the teachings of Jesus in their daily thoughts and behaviors.

We welcome people from all faith traditions and walks of life, and we rejoice in sharing the Lord’s word with anyone who has become stuck in the self-destructive cycle of addiction and mental health issues. Our faith-based rehab program will teach you to integrate Christian principles in your sobriety, providing a solid foundation for lifelong recovery.

To learn more about Christian addiction treatment in California and breaking free from depression and alcohol use, please reach out to us today.

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